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The current release is 1.1. See the change log for a record of changes.

PCx is freely available, but is not public domain software. Commercial users should obtain a license. For conditions of use of PCx, see the copyright statement.

Full Unix Distribution

(Updated 2/28/02)

The full Unix distribution contains source code, Makefiles, User Guide, benchmarks, and copyright statement.

Save the tar file in a fresh subdirectory on your system. To install, first type

gunzip PCx.tar.gz

to produce a file PCx.tar. (If your system doesn't have the gunzip utility, you'll need to install it. Then, type

tar xvf PCx.tar

Finally, type


to create the executable PCx.

In some Linux environments, we have found it necessary to define the environment variable FC to point to the fortran compiler in use (typically f77 or g77), before running build.

A sample specifications file and some test problems are included in the source distribution (subdirectory mps). Sample problems can be executed by typing

PCx afiro


PCx 25fv47

AMPL Interface

(Updated 2/26/02.)

An AMPL interface to PCx is now available.

PCx can now be called from the mathematical programming language AMPL. Users of AMPL can now select PCx as a solver, and can set the various parameters for PCx within the AMPL environment.

Installation is easiest if you download the appropriate precompiled executable PCx for your system from the list below. If your system is not represented in this list , you can build PCx from the source code supplied above, but you must first download and install the solver interface code for AMPL, available here. Additional tips are give in the README file for the PCx-AMPL interface.

Once PCx is downloaded or compiled, running AMPL in the same directory as PCx will allow you to use PCx as AMPL's linear programming solver.

PCx can be selected as the solver of choice by entering

options solver pcx

from the ampl: prompt. The various parameters and options that PCx supports may be changed by setting the pcx_options variable appropriately, for example,

options pcx_options 'cachesize=8 presolve=no iterationlimit=50'

In general, pcx_options should contain terms of the form keyword=value. The names of the keywords are the same as those listed in the PCx User Guide, except for the fact that they are lowercase.

Java Interface: PCxGUI

A Java-coded graphical interface called PCxGUI is available. PCxGUI allows users to modify input parameters and choose input files more easily than in the standard command-line and file-based interface.

The installation procedure is as follows:

All-C Version

The all C version   of the distribution file is useful for machines with no fortran compiler.

Windows 95/NT, and DOS versions


Postscript and dvi versions of the User Guide are available.

There's also a PCx User Guide-Windows 95/NT supplement in postscript.


Copyright Statement


We welcome suggestions and comments on PCx.

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