Multiple bride with trends

Programmed by Marius Rybelis IFM6/1

This program is rewritten from Multiple bride algorith to use newer Java graphical user interface. The program requires a browser with Java1.3 plugin. Some parts of the user interface where redesigned. The main difference from the old program is the trend list.
When user selects the problem, the trend list is filled with the possible trends and the values for specific trends. If you want to edit values of the trends, you must select appropriate trend in the list by clicking a mouse. Trend value editor is opened when user double clicks the trend line is the list.
The dialog is opened showing the trend table. User can change the values of the trends by entering floating point number into appropriate cells. Note: you must exit the cell in order to save the new value.
This programm only provides the user interface for editing and saving the trend values, the actual algorithm is not programmed. The user is informed about this, if he/she clicks the Calculate button.

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